Our Mission

Centred on the belief that all families have strengths and assets that contribute to positive individual and family functioning, FamilyWise provides educational material, access to current research, and practical resources to children and families in Canada.

About FamilyWise

FamilyWise was founded by Dr. Kelly Dean Schwartz in response to the need of Canadian families for responsible research and education related to positive human development and family studies. Dr. Schwartz completed his PhD in social psychology at the University of Calgary in 2002 and has published widely in the areas of developmental psychology and family science. Following 12 years as a faculty member and Program Head of Behavioural Science at Ambrose University College, he is presently Associate Professor and Director of the University of Calgary Applied Psychological and Educational Services (U-CAPES) at the University of Calgary.

As a Registered Psychologist (Alberta) since 1993, Dr. Schwartz directs the  U-CAPES clinic as it provides psychoeducational assessment and intervention for children and families with learning, social, and emotional difficulties. U-CAPES also provides research, consultation, and professional development inservice to local and national educational and non-profit organizations on areas related to parent-child relationships, special needs of children, and family systems. He currently serves as Research Fellow for the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada, Scientific Advisor for the Center for Spiritual Development in Childhood and Adolescence (Search Institute), and Board Member for the Seed of Hope Canada.